13 Ways To Make BIG Money Online As A Teenager

There are thousands of YouTubers, bloggers, service owners and freelancers who make BIG money doing what they love thanks to the internet.

Why should you sit back and miss one of the greatest money making opportunities in the history of time just because of your age?

You won’t want to look back in the next few years and remember the time you didn’t take action and missed the gold rush of our generation.

Today I’m going to teach you how I started making money online and how anyone from 13 years old – 99 years old can do the same.

There are methods below that I’ve tested hundreds of times and they work.

All you need to do is pick one and focus on it with all your free time and energy.

1. How To Create A Money Making Blog

Blogs can make serious money.

Don’t believe me just check these income reports (monthly report next to name):

Those blogs alone have earned $300,000 over the last month.

So, what’s stopping you from building a blog and having the same results?

NOTHING. You just need to start.

I make and manage blogs for people and I’ve created loads of success using our blog blueprint.

If you want to speed up the process of becoming a blogger you can use our blog creation service.

However, here’s an idea of the type of blogs that make BIG money:

‘Affiliate’ Blogs (Easiest Money Maker)

If your number one goal is money and you care little about fame or authority then affiliate blogging is where you need to start.

What’s an affiliate blog? 

It’s a blog that you create with the sole purpose of promoting affiliate products (products you get a commission for selling).

The first thing you do is find a good affiliate program:

You then find a hand full of products on the affiliate program, pop their name and related keywords into long tail pro and see which ones get loads of traffic and have little competition.

After that, you buy the products that have the above and you do reviews, guides, how to’s and you mention the product as much as possible.

You rinse and repeat, in different niches with different products.

‘How To’ Blogs (long term money making)

If you would like to make a name for yourself you should try a tutorial blog.

You pick a niche, for example, marketing, you open a YouTube, Facebook and blog and start teaching the world about marketing.

You then find marketing related affiliate products, test/review them and give people good selections of tools they can use to market their blog.

This blog will be very similar to the affiliate blog, however, the content will be higher quality and you’ll be less aggressive with promotions and SEO.

This type of blog is best for long term gains.

‘Guest Post/News Blogs’ (easy to maintain and grow)

Want to rank for hundreds of keywords and do no work?

Set up a news/community blog.

You allow people to write for the blog in exchange for a link back to their blog.

You then make all the people who write on your blog promote the blog post on their social media and own blog.

This allows you to go for thousands of keywords, release hundreds of articles per month and build relationships with loads of bloggers.

You will make a large amount of your money, with products you create (like ebooks and courses) and ads (AdSense or buy sell ads).

‘Funny’ Blogs (best for complete beginners)

Funny blogs are the Lad Bible, Fail Army and Buzzfeed type blogs that focus on time wasting.

These websites usually use Facebook to drive traffic and most of the time use other people’s content in exchange for a mention.

They’re easy to create, fun to manage and go viral in a matter of weeks (if you build them correctly).

The best benefit is they can be managed by anyone and you can open multiple in different industries with little to no problems.

The downside is the money, these websites make cash completely with ads and find it hard to earn extra income.

How Do You Get Traffic To The Blogs? getting blog traffic

So you pick a niche, create content and now have no views, what’s the next step?

We have loads of guides on this blog that will teach you how to bring traffic to a blog.

However, if you buy one of our blogs we will give you our exact guide and help hold your hand all the way giving you all the advice we use and loads of feedback on your writing and sales approach.

This seriously is the best way you’re going to make money as a teenager.

2. How To Create A Service Website (BIG Money)

A service website is a site that offers a service for money, could be logo’s, web design, custom t-shirts, plugins, just about anything.

A good example is the blog you’re on right now, if you go to the homepage you will see we offer a service (blog creation).

Can anyone do a service site? 

You’re never too young to start selling.

Trust me, the lessons I’ve learned running service websites and dealing with people has taught me more than the 9 years I was in school (I dropped out at 12).

Not only is it one of the best learning experiences it’s also the most profitable way to make money online.

However don’t mistake that for being easy, as I’ve found it to be far scarier, than creating an affiliate review site.

If you still think you’ve got what it takes to create a service website where do you start?

Create A Directory Site (No Skill Needed)

money making with directory sites

The first place you should start is with a service site that doesn’t take many hours to run.

Directory websites are perfect.

Now the internet is already full up of directories like:

  • Best of the Web
  • Eaton
  • Blog Directory

So, what do you do?

Local, local and more local.

The chances are you live in a town or a city that has businesses inside of it.

You can create a directory that promotes restaurants, shops, services and things to do in your local area.

You then charge $5 per month for submission and all you have to do is contact all the business and give them a month free.

Create a little blog on the side of the directory and talk about your city, do reviews, things to do lists and offer advice for people visiting.

You then do basic SEO and Facebook ads and you can get a quick directory earning $600 per month in a matter of 4 weeks.

You then rinse and repeat, choosing the next closest city.

PS: once you get higher levels of traffic, you can bump the price to $10 and offer a shout out to your newsletter or on your social platforms.

Create A Web Portal (Medium Marketing Skills)

portal websites

Similar to a directory however you focus on one type of business.

This is how I started out, I was part of a team that created a property portal in Spain (still running today).

You can do the same, just pick an industry:

  • Resturants
  • Property
  • Cars Dealers
  • Etc.

You then pick a region, state or big city (can’t be done on a small scale effectively).

You then sign businesses on and allow them to promote their product directly on your site.


You get businesses to promote their different products directly through your site (portal), unlike with a directory where you just promote their business.

You can charge $50 – $600 per year on portals if you build them correctly.

Open An SEO, Social Media, Branding Agency

Do you have skills that are worth money:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Branding
  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Proofreading

Just to name a few.

If you do then you can set up a service site that charges people for your expertise.

Now… Even though this is awesome and is the exact model I follow with Blogo.co, it can be much harder than the other methods.

So… If you plan on selling a service, sell on Freelancer or Upwork first, get a client base and then move onto a website, as that takes a lot of the starting issues out the way.

How Do I Create A Service Website?

You can either buy a WordPress theme and do it yourself.

Or you can buy our blog service and instead I’ll create you a service website.

Be sure to message me before as service websites involve a lot of back and forth to create.

3. How To Make A Money Making YouTube Channel (Perfect For Beginners)

YouTube is a MASSIVE money maker, so ignore the people saying “YouTube money is dead after the ad crisis”.

It’s only been lowered in a few industries like:

  • Vlogging
  • Story Times
  • NSFW content
  • News
  • Hurtful Content
  • Roasts

Most of us aren’t in the above categories as it’s extremely competitive to become a vlogger, story timer or roaster like Leafy Is Here.

So, if you’re not in them industries you will still get a nice ad revenue, plus there are LOADS of other ways to make money on YouTube:

  • Reviews of affiliate products
  • Sponsors/Shoutouts
  • Blog Promotion
  • T-Shirt, Book and course creation
  • How to’s with product mentions
How In The World Do I Actually Get YouTube Videos? 

I’ve created a guide to getting views and subscribers on YouTube (the advice inside is nowhere online and gets my videos millions of views), so be sure to check it out.

That will teach you everything you need to know, then you need to focus on…

…The video types you do.

You see nobody will care if you create a let’s play video named ‘Me and my friends play Minecraft’.

You need to create videos that people click for information and not personality, like these:

‘Listicle’ Videos (top 10’s)

youtube list videos

Listicles are the best videos to start with.

Just look at Watch Mojo, they created a company that’s earned over 20 million dollars using listicles videos.

There’s nothing from stopping you doing the same.

Just pick an industry and start creating top tens, you can even promote affiliate links in the description, example:

  • Top 10 Andriod Phones 2017 (promote the cheapest place to buy phones in the description).
  • Top 5 Books All Business Owners Should Read (promote Amazon book links in description).

It’s really that simple.

‘Viral’ Videos (Challenges, pranks, social experiments)

If you want to your face to be the brand you need to focus on viral videos.

“What does that mean?”

Find videos that have a high success rate and copy them.

Here’s an example of a viral video you can copy:

The 30 Day Challange: 

Anything that challenges your mind, body or health for 30 days is automatically a winner, just look at this video:

That’s right this video has got almost 4 million views and was created on a channel with no subscribers.

The truth is, the results at the end weren’t that amazing, neither was the video.

People just love mystery and transformations that happen in a matter of weeks, think it’s a fluke? Nope… Here’s another example of the same video:

No surprise this video has nearly got 5 million views and was uploaded on a channel with no subscribers.

Just search on YouTube “30 day pushup challenge” and you will see 10 + videos with over 3 million views on YouTube channels that have no subscribers (or under 30 thousand).

That ladies and gents is a video every fitness channel should be creating.

I have 50 + viral video ideas in all niches in the YouTube Secret Marketing Guide I created.

‘Reviews, Unboxings and Demo’s’ videos (best for money making)

If you’re in it for the money then for every viral video you create you need to create 2 reviews.


Because reviews make money, if you review a fitness product, you then pop an affiliate link in the descriptions and all of a sudden you’re making cash on top of the YouTube ads.

Here are some YouTubers who do a great job at reviews:

Both of them products are expensive and impossible for most YouTubers to buy in abundance.

However you don’t need to buy products that are that expensive, you just need to use the same review style and quality of the people doing them expensive products as they have more on the line.

Here’s one of the greatest reviews ever:

4. Answer Questions For Money (Complete Beginners)

I DON’T usually promote any survey website as 99.99% are cons.

However, there’s one I’ve tried “SwagBucks” that’s not a con.

I’ve actually made money, along with hundreds of thousands of others.

Now the money isn’t great, but when done correctly you can definitely make a few hundred bucks a week with just your mobile phone and Swag bucks surveys and reviews.

It’s not the best way to make money, but it’s perfect for making a little cash on the side, in your spare time.

5. How To Make Money Gaming

I recently created a YouTube video that’ll teach you exactly how to make money gaming:


I’ll go into more detail down below:

Start A Blog Or YouTube In The Games Industry

I already went into details about blogging and YouTube so I won’t spend long here.

I personally own and manage a few gaming YouTube channels, my latest is gamesalike.

It’s just a hobby channel, however, I’ve got it to 3 million views, 10 thousand subscribers and already collected 5000 email subscribers and I only started working (properly) on it around 2 months ago.

Start Twitch Streaming

Twitch streaming is BIG and it’s only getting bigger.

Right now if you can create good content you can quickly grow a profitable twitch stream using their partner feature and donations, along with affiliate promotion.

However, you will need a blog and a YouTube to drive the initial views.

You see Twitch marketing involves two factors:

  • Picking a game people want to watch, with little competition.
  • Getting the first 100 viewers on your stream. Once you get 100 views you will be put near the top of the page on most games which will quickly translate into more viewers.

If you imagine Twitch as this triangle.

twitch marketing

The bottom is filled with thousands of streamers getting 1 – 20 views, once you get past that the competition dies and you become 100x more likely to succeed.

If you want results quick you can take a risk.

You can buy a stream view service.

Now there are lots of people who will tell you how wrong and bad this is while they use it themselves.

The truth is that Twitch is still gameable and if you have a little cash and take a risk you can pay for thousands of views on each live stream you do for little to no cost.

This may change, so be careful, do your research.

Make Money With In-Game Selling On Steam

in game selling

Selling items on the steam marketplace has been a great way to make side cash for a long time.

Basically, you buy items at a low price, hold them and sell them for a higher price.

I couldn’t believe this made money, but it does, especially in:

  • Team Fortress
  • Dota 2
  • CS: GO
  • Rust
  • Killing Floor
  • H1Z1

Just look at a website called “opskins.com”.  You can go there with a counter strike weapon skin and sell for $200 – $1000 depending on the rarity.

People literally farm items on Rust and sell for $10 – $20 a piece.

However, you don’t have to farm, you just need to see up and coming games and purchase cool looking items using popularity/sale metrics, just be sure to sell either on steam or another reputable website.

Enter A Gaming Tournament

Pro gaming is quickly becoming a MASSIVE industry, with more people tuning in to watch these crazy online gaming battles than ever before.

As you can imagine the more watches, the higher the prizes and over the past few years, we’ve seen prizes of 1 million all the way to 20 million dollars.

If you think you’ve got what it takes then you should definitely start aiming for the pro leagues and how you do that is simple:

  • Pick one game style to master (FPS, Strategy, RPG)
  • Practice until you are the best in every lobby you enter.
  • Go to major league gaming and try an amateur gaming competition (cheap to enter, awesome prizes). Try to do two gaming competitions per week, this will be great for practice.
  • Find a gaming team, usually at this point, if you’re good you will get approached by a gaming team, if not you can use MLG forum to meet and play with others.
  • Head to a few LAN parties, in your area, you may need to travel, but it’s a great experience for the high-pressure tournaments.

Do all the above and you will be making your way into pro gaming in no time.

If you want to speed it up you should:

Make Money Selling Game Codes

cheap game codes

If you want to make some quick cash to start your own business or invest in one of the methods above you can sell games codes to friends and on Amazon/Ebay.

How do you get cheap game codes?

That’s easy, I use a website called Kinguin.

They sell games for half the price of Steam and aren’t too well known, so you can easily turn a profit of 10 bucks per game you sell all you need to do is list the game codes on Amazon a little cheaper than other people, do the same on Ebay and with your friends and you will be making hundreds of dollars profit in no time at all.

6. Sell A Service On Fiverr, Konker or SEOClearksfiverr

Have you got a quick, simple skill you can sell that takes you less than a few minutes to complete?

Maybe it’s logo design, YouTube thumbnails, proofreading or social media management, as long as it’s easy to do and you can teach someone how to do it you will be fine.

Where Do You Start? 

Fiverr, let’s say you can use Canva or Photoshop to create awesome YouTube thumbnails and you charge $5 for 2 thumbnails.

First, you create a service, you then have your parents, friends and family buy it and leave a positive review.

This builds trust and gives you a portfolio of work to show on your Fiverr page.

You then have a big description about your service, answer questions people may ask and mention a few keywords like:

  • Thumbnails
  • YouTube marketing
  • YouTube thumbnails
  • YouTube design
  • Etc

You then have an upsell feature, where if people buy 10 thumbnails for $25 they get two thumbnails free.

You now promote your service on Facebook ads, forums, Reddit and anywhere it’s relevant and not spammy.

Even give bloggers it for free in exchange for a mention.

Rinse and repeat with different services in the same industry and you’ll quickly have a successful Fiverr store.

7. Become A Freelancer

Fiverr offers a pretty crappy payout, however, you can take your same skills over to Freelancer or Upwork and charge 10x as much money for the same service.

Now, Freelancing websites are just like fiverr, you need to have at least 5 people giving you high reviews of your work.

You will also need to practice in a field and spend your day bidding on projects and writing custom replies to people who want to hire you.

If you’re dedicated and speak English flawlessly you can definitely make large amounts of money using freelancing websites.

However, there’s a better way to make cash which involves NO work and it’s the method below…

8. Reselling Someone’s Service

You want to make BIG money, you have no skills to sell?

Why not re-sell a Fiverr service?

You create an UpWork account, you then pick three high-quality Fiverr services (test various ones).

You then bid for jobs that you can offer, charge $20 – $50 per logo for example.

When someone hires you, you head over to Fiverr buy the gig, submit client info and viola, you just made $15 to $45 with around a minutes work.

You can even create your own service website and sell articles, proofreading, logo’s, etc and get massive Return on Investment.

This method is a little black hat but it has made a lot of people hundreds of thousands of dollars and is what smart workers focus on.

9. Sell On Amazon

amazon reselling

Sometimes we all just need some good clean cash to invest in our business ideas.

Amazon is a great way to get that cash.

Go and look around your house and compile a list of items you could live without.

For example, I have a big fancy camera that I use 10% of the time and a big phone that does the other 90% of my recording and picture taking.

There’s no reason for me to keep my camera so I can sell it and make a quick 600 bucks to invest.

Now the above method is only usable for two things:

  1. Saving to build your first online company, example you sell $600 worth of goods to buy our service, that way you’re not directly risking your current savings.
  2. Put it in a jar for hard times or travel expenses.

Why only them two?

Well selling your own stuff on Amazon is a ONE TIME thing. You can’t magic more stuff to sell.

So, you will need to have an end goal for the money, other than spending it on food and a day out to a theme park.

How Else To Make Money On Amazon?
  • Buy bulk products on Ebay that are popular on Amazon.
  • Drop ship items on Amazon that are popular using Alibaba.
  • Become an Amazon Affiliate and setup an Amazon blog (we can help you do this).

10. Grow Social Media Platforms

It’s no shock that owning a big social following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube is worth a lot of money.

Take Instagram for example, people are becoming millionaires through product placements inside their images.

Even low time Instagram accounts get paid hundreds of dollars to promote health supplements, beauty products, and food.

Now in order to grow a social media following, you need to focus on:

  • Focus on one platform.
  • Be inside a good niche.
  • Creating content people enjoy.
  • Publishing daily.
  • Interacting with followers and other people’s followers.
  • Collaborate.

There’s no magic formula other than hard work and word of mouth, but if you grow a social page you can make money using the following:

  • Product Placement.
  • Affiliate links (review products)
  • Cross promotion of your blog and YouTube channel.
  • Own product promotion (ebook, course, template, etc).

11. Create Your Own Course

Seriously with the right marketing and subject, you can easily make $20,000 on a basic course.


First you set up a blog in a niche you know lots about, you then market your blog, build traffic, interact with people and collect emails.

Second, you do market research, you buy some Facebook ads and do a test where give a small part of the course you want to create for free and give it to people who pop their email in (from the Facebook ad).

Third, after the tests are run you will see if your course will be successful, plus you’ve grown an email list of a few hundred people. You now start creating the course.

You get some LMS software (the one I use) and set it up on your blog.

Fourth, You finish the course, create a big Facebook campaign and promote it all over your blog and to your email subscribers.

You then repeat with different course ideas on the same or different blogs and perfect your course creation and marketing skills.

This exact method has made more than a few online millionaires.

12. Create Your Own Ebook

If course creation is impossible for you to do, then you could start smaller with your own ebook.

You still create a blog, collect emails and test Facebook ads, you’re just promoting an eBook instead of a course.

‘How To’ eBooks are awesome because you can charge $20 and keep the word count low (due to people wanting the how-to and not a 300-page book).

Again, this method will take a few attempts to perfect, so start small, work your way up and just keep testing new book ideas.

13. Email Marketing

You can make BIG money using email marketing…

…You can build your list with a blog, YouTube and an opt-in page connected to Facebook ads.

However… People are bored of receiving the same old spammy emails.

That’s why so many people fail with email marketing.

“I’ve got a surprise for you” – “Doors closing, don’t miss out” – “You are a failure if you don’t read this”

I’m SOOOO BORED, that’s literally what my email inbox looks like. Thousands of the same old crappy emails all trying to get me to buy their course or affiliate product.

The issue isn’t with email marketing.

Not at all.

The issue is that every single blogger does email marketing regardless of whether they have any actual value to offer their mail list.

So, if you want to succeed at email marketing try starting with the basics:

  • Telling people when your new articles are released, with a little extra information. You don’t need to have a spammy subject if they like your content they’ll usually check your emails.
  • Promote stuff you use and love. I see so many affiliates promoting products they don’t use… Why will I listen to you promoting something you’ve never used.
  • Only promote items that are not your own when they a) are niche relevant, awesome and you have a deal or b) you have a how to, guide or review of the product. Don’t just email a product and say BUY this, it’s good.

That’s basically it, you don’t need a fancy email marketing campaign sending 5 emails a week, just promote good quality stuff, your own stuff and send great deals when you find them.

Side note: It’s fine to make these mistakes at the beginning, I did. I just think people are getting used to spam and that’s what a lot of the junk the “top level marketers” are sending me and you and everyone.

This turned into a MASSIVE guide.

If there’s anything you’d like me to go into more detail on then please leave a comment below.

If you want to know the SECRETS to getting millions of YouTube views, check out that special guide.

I’d love to know what’s your favorite money making technique is in the comments?

Have an awesome day and if you need anything just ask.