How To Create A Natural Beauty/Makeup Blog

Do you want to become a famous beauty blogger?

That’s the dream for a lot of people right now and I totally get it.

This billion dollar industry pays well, creates celebrities and is only getting more popular.

That’s why I’m going to teach you the secrets we use to create a beauty blog that succeeds.

Get The Blog Created By Professionals

If you are serious about beauty blogging then you should definitely let us create your beauty/makeup blog.

Our service is the best blog creation service in the world, we are also 5x cheaper than the majority of our competition.

If you want an amazing blog, with extras that cost well over 3000 dollars, with us managing you and helping you make money and get traffic, then grab yourself our blogging package (It’s less than $600).

Make The Blog Yourself

If you would rather take the time and build the blog yourself, here’s a quick guide on how to go about it:

The Best Makeup Blog Name Ideas

The first thing you need to do is come up with a great domain name idea.

Here are some tricks we use:
  • Head over to GoDaddy (You can check if the domain is available here)
  • Keep your domain name as short as possible, this makes it easy to remember.
  •  Then head over to Namemesh, type in something beauty related and they will help you find an awesome domain.
  • Always try to get a .com, .co, .net or domain.
  • Make sure you have the correct spelling.

Here are a few blog name ideas:

1. Your name, example ‘’, this name is taken, but I could maybe change it for ‘’.

2. Try beauty related words: makeup, lipstick, eyeshadow, fashion and then add words like: blog, 101, space, to make domain names like:


Just mix and match and use your favorite beauty related words to make something short, sweet and awesome.

After this, it’s time too…

…Create Your Own Blog

  • Domain & Hosting

– First, you need to get a good domain, then grab some great hosting, we use WPXHosting to host most of our blogs, it’s super quick, really safe and is the best hosting we’ve used.

  • Installing WordPress

After you’ve got a domain and hosted your blog you can install WordPress, WPXHosting lets you do this with 2 clicks of your mouse.

  • Picking A Great Theme

Now it’s time to make your blog look awesome, we do this by picking a WordPress theme.

My favorite theme companies are MyThemeShop and Themify, they both create amazing themes that are less than $60.

For a beauty blog I’d recommend the following themes:


– Viral


  • Create A Logo

We use our design team to create you a logo (at Blogo), but if you don’t have the ability to create your own logo, you can buy one for $27 on LogoNerds, before we got in house designers, we always used them for our logo needs.

After than you will have yourself a basic blog that you can post articles on.

Color Schemes For Beauty Blogs

Color is a MASSIVE deal.

I constantly see blogs that have an amazing design, but bad color placement.

Here are the colors I recommend your beauty blog be made up of:


beauty colour palette


makeup blog palette


fashion colour palette

You should always stick to you color design and try not to mix any colors that aren’t part of your color pallet.

How To Make Your Beauty Blog Successful

By now you will have an awesome beauty/makeup blog setup, but how the hell do you get traffic to it?

We generate over 3 million blog views per year using the following techniques:

Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, hundreds of millions of people head over there every day to watch content and learn new things.

This makes it a gold mine for every blog owner.

Not only can you make a nice sum of money using YouTube you can also use it to grow your blog.

Look at GamesAlike, we set this YouTube channel up with a blog and the YouTube has over 3 million views and the blog has generated tens of thousands of views through YouTube.

We did this using our secret YouTube marketing techniques that you can do to.

So all you need to do is setup a beauty YouTube channel, use the advice from our YouTube marketing course to grow it and then gain the benefits of having two money making business instead of one.

PS: You get that YouTube course (worth $100) FREE when you purchase a blog from us.

Do SEO On Your Makeup Blog

Now you’ve learned how to master YouTube, you need to learn how to master the BIGGEST search engine in the world, Google.

beauty blog seo

You can do that by implementing SEO techniques listed below:

  • Create amazing content people want to share.
  • Build social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc).
  • Do guest posts on other peoples blogs in exchange for a link back to your blog.
  • Make your blog is super quick. (included in our blog service)
  • Install Yoast SEO plugin and do on-site SEO (included in blog service)

Then make sure you take SEO advice from the best SEOer’s like:

  • Matt Diggity
  • Charles Float
  • Viperchill

These people are incredible at marketing and all bloggers should read their content, as it’s the best of its kind.

Focus On Pinterest

Pinterest is the home of beauty, food, fitness, and babies.

Seriously, if you’re setting a blog up in any of them niche’s Pinterest is a must.

So, learn how to create awesome Pinterest images, take a look at this Pinterest marketing guide and then start promoting your blog using this social media network.

Pinterest can sometimes generate a thousand views per day on our popular beauty blogs.

Want The REAL Juicy Advice?

There are hundreds of more tips like that and even better in our blogging course that comes FREE with our blogging service.

Now I know we’ve shamelessly promoted our service through this article, it’s just because we know we are the best and after 10 + years of blogging we know how long it takes to create awesome blogs that get views, I just want to save you all that time and let you have a massive head start on all the bloggers out there.

How To Make Money With A Blog

Having an amazing blog that generates thousands of views per day is pointless if you earn no money.

Seriously, I see it all the time.

Bloggers getting 3000 views per day, earning just 100 bucks per month (if that!).

This happens when people ignore the following three money making methods:

  • Ads

The first thing you need to setup is Google Adsense, this allows you to make instant cash on any views you get to your website.

Now, this might be a small amount of money at the start, but at least it’s something.

Then after you’ve setup around 2 – 3 ads per page on your blog it’s time for…

  • Affiliate Marketing

Companies like Amazon, Sephora, Macy’s, FeelUnique and Sigma will pay you a commission for anyone who buys a product after clicking your link.

So, next time you do a review, a how to, or a top 10, make sure you only promote items you can affiliate with.

This is a sure fire way of making a massive commitment and is how sites like earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

We created a list of the best beauty affiliate programs you need to sign up too.

  • Sponsored Content

Next, you need to create a sponsored content page, companies are happy to pay you $50 to $100 per review, product showcase or guest post.

This is the perfect way to earn income on the side of your blog and is powerful once you gain a few hundred views per day.

Tip: Don’t accept reviews for FREE, unless you really want the product.

Reviews are hard to write, take tons of energy and when companies expect you to do them for FREE it makes no sense.

Seriously a company that spends millions per month on advertising, won’t pay you 50 – 100 bucks for a high-quality review of their product?

If not, they are not worth working with!

So, only do free articles if you really want the product, if not, never be scared to ask for money.

  • Product creation

Finally, once you’ve got some cash made you can re-invest it into creating a cool product.

For example, we made our Secret Guide To Getting Millions of Views on YouTube and our guide to making money and getting traffic with a blog.

These both took weeks of recording, editing and animation work, but now we have our own product we can sell to thousands of people.

This should always be the end goal for any blogger as having a high-quality product really does allow you to make a lot more money.

Future Proof Your Blog

You’ve got an awesome blog, it’s getting traffic and making money.

Now you just need to make sure you don’t lose all that money.

Here are a few tips I recommend for any blogger/YouTuber making cash:

  • Re-invest back into your blog.

You want to reinvest around 60% of your profit back into your blog.

This allows you to keep growing and will stop your blog falling behind.

This money can go on, marketing, product creation and producing killer articles.

  • Don’t Waste Your Money

It’s attractive to rent expensive things like big apartments in cities and fast cars, but at the end of the day, you’re just wasting money.

Instead, downgrade, live cheap and save all your profits, this way you can get safety and save to make real investments in property and business in the future.

Plus, if your blog ever gets an error or has an issue that stops you making cash for a few months you won’t lose your whole lifestyle.

  • Don’t Tell People About The Money You Make

People will assume you make money if you have a successful blog, whether you do or do not earn cash that’s nobodies business, so keep it to yourself as the only thing people will start doing is asking you for cash and making you feel bad if you don’t give it to them.

I hope you enjoyed this guide and if you have any questions or need any help send us a message.

I’d like to leave on a…

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