How To Create And Grow A Successful Lifestyle & Travel Blog

Did you know there are thousands of people making hundreds of thousands of dollars blogging?

It’s true, just look here’s 5 blogs that post their monthly earnings:

Over 1 million dollars earned this month from just 5 blogs.

Pretty crazy, right?

Well, I’m going to teach you how I and thousands of others earn a full time living creating a blog and how you can do the same showing off your lifestyle and traveling the world.

#1 – Creating An Amazing Lifestyle Blog

I own, create and manage many blogs and use a simple, yet highly effective blueprint that is the key to making a blog that make money and get tons of traffic.

So, if you want a truely amazing blog, along with the ability to have me fully manage you and tell you what you need to create, how to promote and exactly how to blog (along with upgrading your blog all the time), be sure to grab our blogger design package, it’s valued at $3500 and only costs 600 bucks, it’s valued at $3500 and only costs 600 bucks.

If you would rather learn 10 + years of errors and skills yourself then you can also create yourself a blog.

How do you create a blog?


  • Get a good domain and hosting package (we give you this included with your blog, get the first-month discount using code: 101nootropics).
  • Install WordPress.
  • Pick an awesome WordPress theme (use ThemeForest or Themify)
  • Then customize it (this can sometimes be hard, so check YouTube for tutorials)

travel blog

You now have a functioning blog that you can share with people, that’s all your own.

Now you can install plugins to customize and optimize your blog.

Creating your own blog is awesome but still, give our service a look, we are the BEST blog creation service in the world and we own blogs ourselves that get over 3 million views a year.

#2 – Create Unreal Content

Your blogs complete, now it’s time to create AMAZING content.

Here’s a quick master class that should help you create amazing articles:

  • Don’t just use pictures to break text, use them to engage skim readers by displaying information:

good picture vs bad picture

  • Keep word count high and pack loads of information into each article, however, try to keep explanation simple and delete all boring filler text. Putting it simply, it’s far better to have an engaging easy to read article, than a high word count.
  • Link to other peoples guides, lists and how to’s, it allows you to show people everything they need to know without talking about topics you’re unsure on.
  • Allow other writers to write on your blog.
  • Do blogger round ups, where you email a list of bloggers in the lifestyle/travel industry and ask them one tip, example: single most important travel tip, then create an article of all the responses.
  • Create amazing article images, you need to showcase your lifestyle in one simple picture:

lifestyle pictures

#3 – Promote Your Content (The REAL Way)

Content isn’t KING, marketing is.

You can create unreal lifestyle articles every day, but without marketing, no one will see them.

So, here’s a list of ways to promote you lifestyle blog/articles that are GAME changing.

  • Search Engine Optimization

The single most important thing you NEED to learn is SEO.

Don’t take advice from the industry names like Smart Passive Income and EOFire (no hate to these guys).

Instead get your advice from the greatest:

  • Charles Float
  • Viper Chill
  • Matthew Woodward
  • Matt Diggity

These guides will teach you exactly how to do REAL SEO that will get you seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

In small they will teach you to focus on:

  • Word count (Higher the word count the better).
  • Link building (guest posts, directories, outreach, all that stuff).
  • Social media engagement (shares, likes, retweets)
  • Site Speed
  • Site Security
  • SSL

Now this isn’t an SEO article, so check out the links above, however, if you buy a blog from us we will handle of the above and the stuff we don’t handle we will teach you.

  • Finding Awesome Lifestyle Keywords

The next most important thing after SEO is finding the perfect keyword.

A keyword is a word or sentence you want to rank for on search engines.

travel blog keywords

A good keyword is one that gets searched a lot, but has low competition so you can rank for it without having a powerful blog.

If you buy our blog service we find you 5 AMAZING easy to rank for keywords each month (for you niche).

  • Guest Posts

At the start your blog has NO FANS, so writing on your own blog is a little pointless.

So, what I recommend is that you use this list of lifestyle blogs and find ones that accept guest posts.

Then write unreal articles for them and let them post it on their blog in exchange for credit and a link to your blog.

This allows you to use peoples already built fan bases to get your name out there while getting an awesome link back to your blog which is awesome for SEO.

Plus the blog you write on is happy because they get an awesome article for FREE.

Tip: You should aim to do 2 of these every week.

  • Quora + Reddit

Quora is a question website, people who need help go and ask questions.

You need to go there and answer peoples questions and where it makes sense leave a link to your blog or article.

This gets loads of traffic, plus is awesome for SEO.

You can do the same on Reddit, just remember not to SPAM and always be helpful before promoting.

  • Focus On Getting YouTube Traffic

YouTube is the second BIGGEST search engine in the world.

Hundreds of millions of people head to YouTube daily to get their fill of content.

You just can’t let YouTube pass you by as a blogger.

We actually have a YouTube course (Guide to getting millions of views on YouTube)that will teach you how I got 3 million YouTube views within a few months and how I do this all the time using YouTube.

The advice I teach in the course is highly secret and only top level YouTubers know about it.

I created a course that will teach you how to make money, build traffic and create awesome content on a blog.

It comes FREE when you get a blog, along with our full YouTube course that will teach you how I got over 3 million YouTube views in a few months.

Get your BLOG  created with all that awesome stuff there.

#4 – Use These THREE Tricks To Make Money

You have a kick-butt blog, you’re now getting traffic, but how the heck do you make money?

You use this simple three step blue print that uses:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ads
  • Product Creation

You then incorporate these three methods like this:

1 – You sign up to AdSense and setup ads on your blog, this is awesome at the start as you’ll instantly start making cash for every view you get to your blog.

2 – You then create guides, how to’s, top 10’s and mention affiliated products you love in all your articles.

Question: What is an affiliate product?

You can sign up to Amazon’s affiliate program, they then give you a special link on all their products that if someone clicks and buys something from within a certain amount of time you get a % in commission.

This is how most bloggers earn 80% of their income. Here’s a list of the best affiliate programs.

  • 3 – You start earning money with the above two methods and then you can create a little product, an example of this is our YouTube course. This then allows you to have three income streams that all grow as your blog does, at this point you can travel around the world, living the life you want while your business scales.

#5 – Protect Your Future Money

making money blogging

Right now becoming a blogger is a fantastic way to make a living, especially if you’re in the lifestyle/travel blogging.

So take this opportunity with both hands and run with it, but be sure to protect your money, invest it back into your blog and always collect emails.

Why Collection Emails Protects Future Money

We have blogs that get thousands of views per day, we then collect emails and we then turn them one-time viewers into fans that invest in our products and promote our content for us.

We do this automatically using active campaign and this opt-in plugin.

We display an opt-in like the one below:

Then when someone pops there email in, they automatically get sent a list of AMAZING emails from us, this allows us to build fans without any work.

Then in the future if there’s a new form of blogging or we decide to change our blogs name, we can take our fans from our blog and move them to another blog without losing any because we have their email addresses.

Think Ahead And Prepare For The Future

I’ve worked and seen a lot of YouTubers/Bloggers that spend money as soon as they make it.

They don’t re-invest, don’t save and don’t have any plan for the future.

As a lifestyle blogger re-invest your money into upgrading your lifestyle, making your content better, traveling the world and getting new experiences.

Then if there’s any cash after that be sure to not waste it on fast cars and expensive rental properties, invest in your own property, new blogs, maybe even start your own online business.

Just remember to think 5 years ahead and spend wisely and you’ll out perform and earn most of the bloggers and YouTubers around.

Question: What’s your first lifestyle article going to be about?