How to Create A Cheap YouTube Studio

best cheap youtube studio

YouTube is creating millionaires, famous people and companies left, right and centre.

It’s quickly becoming a popular job in the world and has completely changed the content creating industry.

As a creator you will probably know this, you will also know that even though it’s about personality, it’s also important to have high-quality videos, with engaging backgrounds and clear audio and that’s why I’m here to show you the best cheap YouTube studio setup around.

How To Create A Famous YouTube Channel

Firstly, I’m going to teach you the secret behind getting millions of YouTube views, starting with a simple question…

…Have you ever wondered how YouTubers like Jake Paul come out of nowhere and get hundreds of millions of views over night?

While you’re sat there creating content that’s just as good and you’re stuck with less than 300 views per video?

It’s because they use special marketing techniques that allow them to get their video seen by millions of people.

We used their exact techniques on GamesAlike and within a few months we achieved over 3 million views and you can learn how to do the same with our unique guide (how to get millions of views on YouTube):

Basic YouTube Studio (Everyone Needs)

Below are the highest quality brands at the lowest prices I could find online, I own all of them and highly recommend them:

Clear audio is SO important.

Seriously, you can have a bad camera with good audio and still have a hit video, however, have the opposite and your video will get NO views.

What microphone do I use?

best youtube mic

Buy At Cheapest Price

This is the Blue Snowball, it’s a budget pc mic that records your voice in perfect quality.

It costs around $60 but creates an audio quality of a mic double that price.

The only downside is that it’s not portable, that’s where the H1 Zoom comes in…

Microphone I Use Outside

h1 zoom microphone

Buy At Cheapest Price

If you do all your recording outside or around your house it’s better to get the h1Zoom, it records in high-quality, can be mounted to all cameras and is my go to for all outside recording.

My setup contains:

  • H1 Zoom
  • Camera Mount
  • Wind Guard

This setup has gone everywhere with me, from China to Thailand and all around Europe.

The H1Zoom takes double AA batteries and lasts around 6 hours on one single set (sometimes more depending on brand).

The only downside is that you have to sync the audio up separately during the audio process (but that’s the case with most mics).

My YouTube Camera

best youtube camera

Buy At Cheapest Price

The Camera is really important and currently, I use a Nikon D5200, It’s not perfect, but can be picked up for a few hundred bucks and takes awesome pictures.

However, I’d recommend you get something that has a better auto focus, you can go for a cheap Handycam, they cost around $150 and are totally awesome, they film in full HD and shouldn’t be forgotten about.

If you have a bigger budget then I’d go for a Canon Vixia HF R72, if you want to save money grab a used one off Amazon, they cost around $200.

Cheap YouTube Camera

Vixia HF R72

Buy At Cheapest Price

These are perfect for filming in any occasion, they film at 1080p and are point and shoot which is a complete breath of fresh air after using a DSLR which takes 10 minutes every time to get it into focus.

You can also use any new iPhone (they have an amazing camera) and if you have a BIG budget you can get the camera ALL BIG YouTuber use: Canon Powershot G7X this is the YouTube fav and is one of the best all round cameras money can buy, a used one will set you back $500 and a new is around 700 bucks.

Best YouTube Camera

Powershot G7X Mark 2

Buy At Cheapest Price

Just stay away from GoPro’s they are great at filming sports and views, not great at filming YouTube content.

My Tripod

best tripod

Buy At Cheapest Price

Trying to balance your camera on books will grow old quickly, so it’s best to get yourself a simple Tripod, you can pick up the one I use for $12 on Amazon, mine is still going strong after almost 4 years and does a great job all of the time.

My Lighting

youtube light boxes

Buy At Cheapest Price

Next on the list is lighting, lighting is highly under rated.

I used to ‘wing’ lighting and just turn on loads of lights and lamps inside my room, this does work, but I find a good light box just gives you the ability to shoot clean, perfectly lit videos all day/night.

This becomes even better when you look at the price $60 for two solid light box, I personally use two and they light up my room with no problem.

The Webcam I Use For Gaming

gaming webcams

Buy At Cheapest Price

If you’re a gamer then you will want to get a webcam instead of a camera, due to how easy it is to sync them up to gaming videos and how much cheaper they are than cameras.

You can buy this top-level Logitech HD pro web cam C920 for 58 bucks brand new.

It has over 8000 reviews and is almost a 5 star (out of 5) on Amazon.

It’s recorded in full HD and is perfect for doing video gameplay with your reaction in a little square.

Another reason webcams are awesome is how quickly you can setup your studio for recording, there’s no battery charging, no focus, no tripod, and no external HD, all you need to worry about is lighting.

Another Tip For Gamers: If you’re only going to be doing gameplay videos then you should invest in a good gaming headset with a decent microphone, the best is the Sennheiser Game One, but the HyperX Cloud is also awesome and over half the price.

Audio Recording Software (Free)


Next we have Audacity, this is a FREE audio recording software, basically, if you need to record audio from your PC this is the software you should download, it’s quick, easy to use and is used by practically everyone.

Editing Software

editing software

Now if you’re part of the mac group you should jump on Final Cut as it’s one of the best editors around, if not then you can try Camtasia (what I use right now). It’s a little clunky and doesn’t have as many options as Final Cut, however, it’s really easy to use and one of the best editors I’ve worked with.

If you’re into crazy edits and want to be the next Casey Neistat then you can try Adobe Premiere Pro, I’ve used it more than a few times, you need a POWERFUL PC, along with a lot of patience, as it has a big learning curve and takes longer to do basic things.

How To record Games

game recording software

Fraps is what 90% of gamers use to record their gameplay videos, it’s really easy to use, as simple as downloading and clicking one button and is really light weight.

There is a downside that it does sometimes crash, which is highly annoying and the reason I have backup audio from my H1Zoom while doing game plays.

If you want to record games on your console you need to pick up an Elgato, these are what all the BIG YouTubers use to record their game console videos.

Posters (Best YouTube background)

best youtube background

Having an awesome YouTube background is key and one of the easiest ways to create a good scene is by using a BIG poster or tapestry.

If you head over to Amazon you can buy massive 50 – 100-inch posters that will cover your wall creating an awesome background for all your videos.

Soundproofing I Recommend

soundproofing a room

Buy At Cheapest Price

If you’re like me and don’t want to annoy your neighbours, partner or family with the sounds of you playing video games then you can get these sound proofing blocks off Amazon, they’re perfect for stopping noise travel and are what most of the top YouTubers use in their creation rooms.

You can get a pack of 48 12×12 inch tiles for $48, this is plenty for basic sound proofing, double up and you will be able to have a pretty sound studio.

Plus if you rent your house you can connect them to a wood panel, or a big photo frame, so you don’t have to put them directly on the wall.

You would be truly surprised with how effective these panels are, seriously you can yell pretty loud with almost no sound leakage.

Getting The Most Out Of Your YouTube Studio

Here are a few tips I recommend you use to get the absolute most out of your YouTube studio.

Permanent Setup

In my life, I’ve recorded hundreds of YouTube videos and the BIGGEST mistake I made was not creating a permanent recording setup, seriously back in the day it would take me up-to 30 minutes to setup my room for recording and this always ended with me not recording AWESOME videos due to wasted time on setup.

Now I have a permanent setup that takes around 2 minutes to get started with recording and I film almost every single day, save hours every week and my productivity has gone through the roof.

Film > Edit Instantly (When Possible)

When possible always edit after you record your content if there’s a week in between you can sometimes forget what you wanted from the video and end up either doing a bad editor not doing it at all.

More likely you will end up not editing your videos as within a week you will feel it’s easier to just re-record, so try to get in the habit of editing at least of the same day as you record.

YouTube Guide

Finally, I’ve worked with multiple YouTubers and created a few successful YouTube channels myself and I teach you all the tips and tricks in this EPIC YouTube course.

If you’re serious about YouTube you should definitely check this course out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and I hope you have an awesome day.

Question: What’s Your Number One Recording Tip?