How Buying Instagram Followers Can Get You Famous

how to buy instagram followers

How many times have you heard that buying Instagram followers is BAD?

Other bloggers act as if the second you buy followers your Instagram with exploding and get deleted.

This leads me to believe they haven’t actually run any tests with Instagram followers, because if they did they’d realize most if not all the top Instagrammers have a HIGH amount of brought followers.

In-fact there are whole Instagram marketing agencies that charge the big Instagrammers tons to safely buy followers and engagements, so I’m going to teach you how to do that without paying 3 thousand dollars a month.

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Why Everyone Is Using Fake Followers

When I say, everyone, I mean around 90% of the most famous Insta accounts have purchased followers and engagements.

Why the hell would they do this?

Fake it before you make it

Noone wants to be the first person to follow you.

Seriously I have run a few tests where I’ll post unreal content, follow people, engage in hashtags and interact with other Instagrammers and after 2 months guess what?

I have 100 followers.

Do the same, but this time buy 5000 followers, 50 likes a picture and comments and after 2 months I can get an account around 25 thousand followers.

It proves that Instagrammers won’t care unless you have a bigger following than themselves.

instagram followers

Money Making

So, on top of making you get loads more followers another BAD reason a lot of Instagrammers fake a following is money.

There’s lots of pressure to be the head of an industry on Insta, for example, if you’re a fitness model with 500k followers you’ll get sponsors and product deals that pay you thousands for one simple picture.

Now the people who manage these sponsorships look for three things, comments, follower count and likes per post.

Even though it’s bad a lot of Instagrammers will fake them three things to secure brand deals.

I personally think this is wrong, but it happens all the time.

Second money reason…

…You build a big following of real people as well which allows you to promote affiliate products in your bio which can make some serious cash.

People Want To Stay At The Top

how to get instagram followers

Once you get to the top you want to stay there.

If someone starts overtaking you, you can’t have it.

That’s where buying followers really take over.

Now you know why people do this and hopefully have decided if it’s something for you, here’s…

Where To Buy Instagram Followers (High Quality)

Now the place I use and recommend is:


This places delivers reliable Instagram followers at an amazing price and the followers don’t drop off.

Just buying followers isn’t enough, you need to know…

How To Use Instagram Followers Correctly

how to get followers on insta

If an account has 5000 followers and 0 likes on pictures it looks fake.

So, what I do is I  buy a monthly service (Just add monthly and get followers, likes, and comments), this will give you a few hundred followers, 50 likes per picture and comments every month.

This stops your account looking fake.

Best Instagram Monthly Service:

Sometimes it’s hard to get good comments, I recommend buying them from:

And adding them to your pictures manually, they are super high quality and make it extremely hard to tell if you have a bought followers.

How To Buy Followers Safely

Now there is some risk while buying followers, so follow these simple rules:

  • Don’t Rush

Don’t buy 10 thousand followers on a brand new account.

Instead, buy 1000 and make sure you have 20 + pictures, I usually recommend uploading 40 random pictures before you buy any followers, likes, views or comments, this stops your account from looking fake.

  • Follow Real People

Follow 10 – 50 people every day and interact with them.

This will help you gain real followers and will make you look more real.

  • Get comments as well

The only reason people started spotting fake Instagram followers was because people were buying likes, views and followers, but forgetting comments.

You only need 10 comments per post, but be sure to get them as it looks fake without.

  • Stay Consistent

It’s best to grow your followers on monthly packages so you’re getting around 300 followers a day instead of getting 1000 followers every friday that looks a bit weird.

You basically want to keep your Instagram looking as real as possible.

Doesn’t This Cost A Lot Of Money?

how to promote instagram

The answer is yes and no.

First, you can make all the money back with brand deals and affiliate products, so most your spending you can make back if you have good content and follow the methods correctly.

Second, this only costs as much as you want to spend, if you want a really popular Instagram and you’re on a budget, release less images, so instead of doing 3 a day, do one a day, that will be 2x cheaper and if you don’t have the cash for 1 a day, do 1 a week, at least while you’re testing and seeing if it works.

Third, a lot of people use this on business accounts as a way to boost authority and work as social proof to increase sales and in that case it’s far cheaper, all you need is a one monthly Instagram package and then you can just leave your account, with a few posts that have lots of engagements.

How To Use Fake Instagram Followers To Get Real Followers

Once you have a good Instagram foundation you’ll start getting real likes, hopefully in the masses.

Here are a few ways you can speed that process up:

  • Post Awesome Content

Look at the biggest names on Instagram:

You can hopefully see they all take similar pictures that involve food, fitness, health, hot girls, comedy and amazing scenery.

Your job is going to be creating something similar to them, as having great content is going to be the biggest factor in getting real followers.

  • Use Tags

Using the correct image tags will get you real followers.

So if your picture has food make sure you do the popular food tags:

  • food
  • diet
  • foodie
  • foodgasm
  • eatingfortheinsta
  • nom

Do the same for all your different images, just use google to find takes, example: google “instagram fitness tags” and you’ll find all the fitness tags.

  • Comment On Others Pictures

Go and leave interesting comments on a few pictures every day.

You’d be surprised how many people check the comments and click profiles.

You should also answer all the comments you get on your own pictures.

  • Most Important: Stay Consistent

The more content you release the quicker your account will grow.

Especially once you start growing naturally.

  • Collaborate

Once you get a big Instagram other Instagrammers will collab with you.

This gives you a MASSIVE boost in followers.

So, do your best to collaborate with as many people in your area as you can.

You should also look for any Instagram awards and blogs that list the top Instagram accounts in your industry and ask for a mention.

How To Maximize Your Instagram Followers With A Blog

growing social media

If you really want to grow a successful business and not just an Instagram account then you should get yourself a blog.

The blog allows you to attract people from Google and direct them to Instagram, same as the Instagram will send people to your blog.

Blogs are amazing because you can make cash directly on them using affiliate links, reviews, and ads.

So, if you want an incredible blog made for Instagram, with us guiding you on what content to create and giving you monthly advice on how to grow your blog then check out our blog making service.

Why Blogs Are Awesome?

If you look at a lot of famous Instagram stars a lot of them were previously bloggers or YouTubers, that’s how they built their Instagram accounts so high.

On top of that a lot of the top stars have now created blogs just because you can make far more money.

If blogging isn’t for you then check out our guide to create a successful YouTube channel.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and if you need any help getting your Instagram account started to send us a message.

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