Best Lifestyle/Travel Blogs You Need To Read

Are you here to learn about the best travel destinations? get lifestyle advice? or just check out your competition?

Well below, we have the greatest selection of lifestyle, travel blogs and YouTube channels that are seriously taking over the internet.

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Best Lifestyle Blogs:

Let’s kick off this awesome list of the best lifestyle and travel bloggers around…

Theblondeabroad.comthe blond abroad


TheBlondAbroad is an incredibly well-designed travel/lifestyle blog owned by a lady named Kiersten.

She posts about travel and her life but her photography is to die for. As soon as you load up her site you are faced with an amazing gif like feature that sucks you in almost instantly. That and her seriously enviable travel posts combined make her blog a destination for virtually everyone interested.

Kiersten also does YouTube videos and you will get to know her as your browse through the many places she has travelled.

Theeverygirl.comthe every girl


The Every Girl takes food, beauty, finance, and lifestyle and combines them all together in a fantastic way.

Design is flawless on this blog, it’s clean and makes it easy to read and the pictures keep the articles engaging.

There is SO much content on this blog that it’s easy to get lost for hours just scrolling through the pretty pictures and uplifting content.

Theskinnyconfidential.combest lifestyle blog


The Skinny Confidential is one of my favorite blogs on this list.

It’s super high quality with loads of guides on beauty, food and lifestyle.

Lauryn does a fantastic job of packing the article with engaging writing and pictures and she even has her own podcast.

If you haven’t checked out the Skinny Confidential now would be an awesome time to do so.

Girlvsglobe.comlifestyle blog


Do you like travelling? I do, and that’s why I had to mention ‘girl vs globe’.

Sabina is an incredible travel blogger who writes about vegan food, fashion, and travel as she goes around the world. If you’re heading to a city and looking for the trendiest places to go and the best food to eat, she has you covered.

If that sounds like it’s up your street then be sure to check her out.

Driftercollective.comthe drifter collective


Driftercollective chills you out. The color scheme, the old school photography the calmness of it all just makes for a welcome break in the lifestyle blogging world. It’s a chilled out blog with plenty of wonderful content, filled with food, fashion, travel and beauty, what could be better?

Kacey seems like a humble, creative type with plenty to share and incredible content for you to lust after.

Abeautifulmess.coma beautiful mess


Elsie & Emma have created this wonderful website that is the complete opposite of a mess (A beautiful mess!). They take photos that even the most grumpy, lifestyle hating human would take a second glance at.

They have created something seriously special with this blog, taking food, crafts, fashion, decor and making it into this perfectly made blog. If you’re into Pinterest and can easily spend 5 hours scrolling through cute decor ideas and recipes you are going to fall in love with this blog.

cupofjo.coma cup of joy


Joanna is a woman of many talents. Her blog appeals to everyone what with her relatable witty content about being a parent, fashion, relationship advice, the food she produces that looks like it could be served up in a Michelin star restaurant and everything in between.

Joanna has created a blog that gives readers interesting, eye catching content that feels like you’re sitting down for a chat with a friend. The style of her blog is actually quite plain but in this instance, it works so well and really helps out the reader.

Expertvagabond.comtravel blogs


Matt deserves a round of applause for his blog. If you’re into travel and living a wonderful carefree life whilst doing so, his blog is the one you need to check out. Just scrolling through the homepage you are met with articles that grab your attention and actually give you unique and worthwhile content about his life, travel and everything you could ever want to learn.

He is a really fun character with plenty to blog about, so make sure you do visit his blog and I promise you won’t leave for hours.

Thisismyhappiness.comthis is happiness blog


Jenna has a wonderful sleek blog where she shows off her divine lifestyle tips, travel destinations and just generally how to be an awesome mum and person. I can see her readers coming back for more as her content appeals to a more mature audience but you’re never going to find yourself disappointed.

If you have children she also shows you enviable trips and days out that they all have together which may give you some inspiration for future travel ideas with your own!

Thatbackpacker.comthat backpacker blogger


This woman (Audrey) has been EVERYWHERE, she has tips, tricks, ideas, photos and stories to share over on her blog. If you’re interested in trotting across the globe and decide to do a search on your destination, you will most like stumble across Audrey as she is the Queen of travel.

Her photography is amazing, her lifestyle is something the majority of us lust after and her content is helpful, informative and kind.

Best Lifestyle YouTubers

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Our first travel/lifestyle YouTuber is….

Alpha lifestyle youtuber

YouTube Channel: alpha m.

If you’re a dude then Alpha m is going to be your go to guy for style and grooming tips, as well as lifestyle and fitness advice.

His YouTube is one of my favorites around and it really will teach you loads of golden rules so if you’re looking for an awesome YouTuber to bump your style up check him out.

Anna Sacconeanna saccone

YouTube Channel: anna saccone

Anna Saccone seems to be everywhere at the minute, but that isn’t a bad thing. Her YouTube channel is filled with lifestyle advice, being a mum, her pregnancy, food, must haves and just her WHOLE life in general. It’s packed with content that you can binge watch whenever you have a spare few hours. She really makes you feel like you’re part of her life and takes you on her journeys with her.

The Michalakslifestyle youtuber

YouTube Channel: the michalaks

The Michalaks have a very picture perfect YouTube channel, they talk about their life, their child, their lifestyle choices and they make amazing videos that are uploaded fairly frequently. They capture a unique essence of British life that appeals to a huge fan base of theirs.


YouTube Channel: clothesencounters

Jenn makes interesting lifestyle videos filled with outfit ideas, vlogs, her life and her relationship. Her life does seem super enviable and she has plenty of subscribers that not just like her videos but really like her and the content she provides. Her videos are always pretty picture perfect as is her life.

Tess ChristineTess Christine

YouTube Channel: tess christine

This girl has some incredible fashion and video skills, everything she wears is envied and lusted after by her audience. She goes to amazing American festivals, travels and vlogs about it and has some serious fashion taste, all of which she pulls off.

Her videos are the pinnacle of a lifestyle YouTuber and she does it effortlessly.

Estée LalondeEstée Lalonde

YouTube Channel: estée lalonde

Canadian born, this wonderful woman knows what she’s doing when it comes to YouTube. She regularly uploads beauty videos, lifestyle videos and even vlogs from time to time. She is seriously likeable and knows how to make you want everything in her closet and makeup box.


YouTube Channel: kalel

Another extremely likeable lifestyle YouTuber who shows off her incredible foodie videos, beauty favorites, clothes and she even lets us into her life and takes us along for the ride. A lot of lifestyle YouTubers have capturing the perfect videos down to perfection but so does this girl, her videos are so creative and you do find yourself on a bit of a binge watch from time to time.

Question: Who’s Your Favorite Lifestyle Blogger/YouTuber?