Best Health and Fitness Blogs/YouTubers/Instagrams You Need To See

best health and fitness blogs

Whether you are eying up your competition, looking for fitness inspiration or looking to get healthy, we have the blogs you need to see.

These are Blogo’s favorite fitness/health blogs and they are the exact blogs I use to stay healthy and find workout ideas.

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Best Fitness And Health Blogs:

before I show you the best fitness YouTube channels and Instagram profiles, here’s our selection of fitness blogs.


best fitness blog


Darebee is by far the best fitness blog ever created.


It’s simple, packed with incredible workouts and health advice, easy to learn and completely FREE.

Honestly, Darebee could charge $20 a month to access their website and without a doubt I’d pay it.

They have something for everyone, including challenges that push you to the max, programs that keep things fun (I mean who doesn’t want to train like a Spartan Warrior or someone in a post apocalyptic world?) and nootropition advice that’s simple and easy to understand.

If you’re starting your fitness journey, this should be your first stop.


health blog


The next blog on this list is NerdFitness, a blog dedicated to getting nerds strong, health and in great shape.

As a gaming geek, blog designer and someone who spends a huge amount of time geeking out, I must say that Nerd Fitness is completely awesome.

It engages my gaming side, by turning fitness into a game and that’s really awesome.

The content is really easy to read, with help from lego to explain details (as a lego fan you had me at lego, seriously) and in my eyes is a master piece.

Seriously, I know the energy that goes into creating 5000 word articles and this guy does it and keeps the whole thing interesting.


fitness and health blog

Blog: is a blog that we actually created, it talks about fitness (focuses on body-weight exercising), but focuses on health, with tons of advice on nutrition, health supplements, immune system boosting and brain health.

I test different nootropic supplements, health products and calisthenics workouts.

It’s the perfect blog for anyone who wants to grow old healthy and look after the best tool you have ‘your brain’.


a shot of adrenaline


A shot of Adrenaline focuses on body-weight training and is packed full of unreal training tips and tricks.

If you’re looking for advice on training with your body weight Todd’s blog is a great resource.

He also has awesome videos on a veraity of different calisthenics exercises,  just make sure you have a pen and pad on stand by to take down the golden nuggers as the articles are a little meaty.




Blogilates is the perfect mix of lifestyle and fitness.

You get to know the person you’re taking advice from, which I feel makes my connection to their content stronger.

Plus she publishes all her workout routines and plans every month.

She also has a video for any workout you could imagine, which makes it easy to switch up your workout.

Blogilates is a complete one stop shop for female fitness and a totally awesome blog that has had hundreds of hours poured into the content.


the journey junkie


Fitness and health isn’t all about eating green and lifting heavy, you can’t forget the importance of stretching, breathing and relaxing your body.

Rest, relaxation and being able to switch off is one of the most important things you can learn while trying to unlock your maximum health

So check out Allie’s blog and take in that Yoga and meditation advice, you really won’t regret it.


weck method


WeckMethod is more of a video site, than a blog, but I always head over to their blog to learn the latest in health and fitness.

They taught me a lot about club exercises (which are awesome btw), all their videos are easy to understand, very informative and truly interesting.

There advice has helped me break next level fitness goals and build awesome core strength.


onnit blog


Onnit is a nootropic, fitness supplement shop, however they also have a blog that creates some of the best fitness/health content online.

I actively visit onnit’s accademy to learn about new health methods, training routines and tutorials.

For instance, I just checked out their matcha latte recipe and damn is it awesome.

This tea, has l-theanine which boosts your brain power and unlike coffee it doesn’t give you that jittery, heart pounding feeling.

Plus this tea is unreal for health.

You’ll also see full guides that teach you about health and fitness, these guides are massive however onnit makes them easy to read, simple to follow and informative.

So, if you like that kind of health advice you’ll love Onnit’s blog.


bodybuilding blog


Bodybuilding my seem like a weird choice of blog to have on this list 1, because it’s not a blog it’s a shop and 2, the blog is actually hard to find.

However that doesn’t take away from the amazing training/nutrition advice and meal plans that are avilable on their blog.

You also have access to a massive foum filled with professional flighters, body builders and gym nuts to ask all your health related questions.

Nomeatathletefitness blog


No Meat Athlete may seem like a weird way to end this list…

…however, with a large portion of people going vegetarian they are a great resource for food recipes and training/nutritaion advice, even if you’re just curious about the healthy sides of a plant based diet while including meat, they are still an awesome resource which has tons of info on staying strong and healthy with a plant based diet.

There’s also weird and wonderful food recipes like:

they have tons more and after trying more than a few of them I highly recommend.

Blogs are awesome, but another great way to get great advice is through YouTube, down below I’ve listed the best Fitness and Health YouTubers that I and millions of others enjoy watching.

I’ve added the last 12 videos of each YouTuber so you can see their style of videos.

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best fitness youtube channel

Channel: BrandonCarter

Brandon Carter’s channel has an awesome mix of life, workouts, and dietary advice, on top of fun videos like the boxing one in the top right.

He’s a good motivator and I’ve been a fan of his the past year, his channel isn’t as intense on workouts as it used to be, but it’s nice to know the person who you’re following.

kino body

Channel: KinoBody

KinoBody has a pretty ripped body I think anyone will agree.

He got it with a calisthenics mixed with weight approach to the gym, now the only down side to his channel is he focuses more on advice than solid workouts, which personally I like due to the massive amounts of workouts on other peoples channels, however it would be nice to see a few more workout videos, but still his one of the best around.

best fitness youtube channel

Channel: Calisthenics & Weight Training

If you’re like me and focus on calisthenics to build muscle then you MUST check out calisthenics and weight training, this YouTube channel may be a little old, but it has some seriously solid workouts that will get you pumped.

Plus, if you’re a girl don’t be affraid of training calisthenics as it’s a great way to get the body of your dreams.


greatest health youtube channel


OfficialThenx is my favorite YouTuber on this list, he creates the best content and has taught me more than any other YouTuber.

Not only is his YouTube channel filled with amazing advice, it’s packed with workouts, exercises form guides and answers to questions every question you’ll have.

What’s best about this is that the videos are filmed in amazing quality and are easy to follow, which is key to the perfect Youtube channel.

Fight Tips

fighting youtube channel

Channel: Fight Tips

I’m a huge fan of MMA and boxing and I love to incorporate it into my training routine, it increases my cardio, strength and boosts my testosterone unlike anything else.

You can either use his advice to brush up your fighting skill, to add something new to a workout or to try out a fighting workout.

I wish he had a few more workouts, but the ones his released will defonitly get your blood pumping and are totally worth trying out if you fancy a challenge.

Elliott Hulse’s

strength camp

Channel: Elliott Hulse’s

Elliott Hulse is one of the oldest fitness/health guru’s I’ve watched on YouTube and even though he went a tiny bit crazy the last year his advice and training routines are still some of the best around.

If you want really gorilla strength and like pushing yourself in the gym you need to give him a shot.

He also has lots of different training styles and teachers bioenergetics which is awesome.

Finally, I’m going to end this list with some of the best fitness and health Instagram accounts.


instagram fitness model

KaisaFit has a seriously motivational Instagram account with a week workouts and awesome pictures. She’s defonitly worth following.


fitness instagram

Want exercises and health advice BJ Gaddour is the man to go to, he regularly uploads workouts, clean delicious food and as I speak even does a daily beginner training boot camp.

Good form, advice and food, I mean what more can you want?




health and fitness instagram

Hannah Eden is in amazing condition and the way she trains her body is truly amazing.

If you’re looking for someone to follow that has a killer body and some awesome training techniques then Hannah’s your girl.

Sarahs Day

health instagram

Sarahs Insta is a lovely mix of lifestyle, health, fitness and food recipes.

She’s awesome at taking clean pictures and is the perfect healthy eating motivation.



Another shout out to Brendon Carter, his Insta is packed with everything from life advice, before and afters, training techniques and workouts and hot girls. That sums it up nicely.

If you’re looking for some muscle gaining motivation his your go to guy.

Question: Who’s Your Favorite Fitness YouTube/Blog/Instagram?