Best Affiliate Programs All Bloggers Need To Use

The BIGGEST business dessission you make while creating a blog is what affiliate program you use.

Picking the wrong one can end with MASSIVE money loss and this sadly happens all the time.

That’s why I’m here to teach you the best affiliate programs all bloggers need to sign up to…

…Protect your future earnings and create the perfect money making foundation with these.

The Best All Round Affiliate Programs

Let’s start with the affiliate programs that are a complete must for any blogger in any niche.

amazon affiliate program

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Amazon Associates allows you to monetize your traffic in almost any country.

Simply connect your Amazon accounts based in different countries and then if someone from England clicks your link they’ll be taken to the product on the English Amazon.

Allowing you to make more cash from a simple link on your blog.

Now it’s not all good, amazing has a bad commission rate that’s usually below 10% as you can see below:

amazon affiliate commission

However, if you’re in the beauty, video games, home improvement or tech niche you can earn a pretty awesome wage using Amazon, and if not, it’s still a great affiliate foundation.


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Yes, eBay actually has a pretty awesome affiliate program, the commission is:

ebay affiliate commission

So, if you secure a purchase in the first 3 months you can make up to 28% and up-to 14% if it goes over 3 months.

That gives you lots of time to cash in on products you promote.

The only real issue with eBay is that products change and go out of stock all of the time, so you’ve got to stay pretty active with checking links are promoting active products, which can be a pain as time goes on.

share a sale logo

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ShareASale is an affiliate program portal, it’s not actually an affiliate program, however, if you sign up you get the ability to join some of the best affiliate programs in the world:

  • Koa Coffee – 20%
  • Ashley Brooke Design – 15%
  • Logo Nerds – 25%
  • StudioPress – 35%
  • OptinMonster – 20%
  • 48hourslogo – $15 per sale

As you can see they have some amazing affiliates that pay high commission.

Just look, if you sell one StudioPress theme on average you’ll get 33 dollars, ten per day and you’re making around 10 thousand per month.

Not to shabby, am I right?

click bank logo

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Join ClickBank and you gain access to thousands of awesome products with high commissions.

We’ve had bloggers with beginner skills making $500 per month using ClickBank with the blog we created them within months.

Just a look at some of the products you can promote:

  • Vooluu – 15%
  • Rocket Languages -$42 Per sale
  • Long Tail Pro (Awesome Software)  – 40%
  • MI40 Workout –  $50 per sale
  • 20 Minute Body – $26 per sale
  • 21 Day Sugar Detox – $18 per sale

These products are all pretty famous, easy to sell and offer an incredible commission.

If you put in the work, ClickBank is one of the best affiliate programs around.


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If you’re looking to make cash and want the best possible affiliate program for maximising your short term income, JVZOO is for you.

You litrally gain access to products that have sold tens of thousands of copes, with high 50% commissions that are easy to sell.

This and ClickBank together are an unbeatable matchthat lots of bloggers use.

The only issue I have with JVZOO is that most of the products are logo, video and business creation courses/tools.

However, this is forgot as you can get paid for webinar promotion, meaning you get someone to put their email in a webinar, you earn 10, 20, even 30 dollars for this simple transaction and the more they sell them, the more money you earn.

Commission Junction

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CJ is extremely similar to the ShareASale affiliate program portal.

You sign up to Commission Junction and then you gain the ability to sign up to tons of other affiliate programs.

I don’t use Commission Junction as much as I should, however they do have some great affiliate programs inside that totally make it worth the sign up.

Other Affiliate Programs

Now it’s time to list a few specific affiliate programs we love in different industries we work in:

Best Gaming Affiliate Programs

gaming affiliate programs

We own a gaming blog called GamesAlike and our favorite affiliates are:


Razer creates some of the greatest gaming gear from keyboards to headsets, game recording to control manipulation software and they even create the best gaming laptop money can buy, the razer blade pro.

They also have a pretty awesome affiliate program that pays up to 20% commission, this makes them an awesome choice for any gaming blog/YouTube channel.

They also have a 30-day cookie, give 4% for peripherals, $10 for systems and 20% for software in commission, which isn’t the highest, but is resonable for such an epic company.


If you like cheap PC games you’ll love Kinguin.

Kinguin is like the eBay for video games, only the games are new, you get them instantly and they cost less than half the price of Amazon.

Just look, here’s a comparison of Amazon prices to Kinguin:

cheapest games online

You earn 5% commission off each game you sell, however, if you refer someone you get 0.75% of all the games they sell too.


MMOGA is like Kinguin, it’s a little higher in price, but still cheap compared to high-street/Amazon prices.

The real reason to choose MMOGA over Kinguin is the commission, you get 10% on games and 15% on in-game items.

I’ve found a much higher income earned with MMOGA in comparison to Kinguin, however, it’s far easy to get a sale when sending someone to Kinguin.

I personally think promoting both of these gaming companies is the way to go.

Best Beauty Affiliate Programs

best beauty affiliate program

We own and manage a few successful beauty blogs and it’s really hard to find good beauty affiliate programs that pay more than 1% commission.

Below is the affiliate programs that I recommend any beauty blogger sign up to:


FeelUnique has a really high converting website that looks beautiful and makes people want to buy products.

They also sell over 20,00 products for both men and women in every category imaginable, this giving you plenty of room to promote and focus on this affiliate program alone.

It gets even better, they have a 5% – 7% commission, a 60-day cookie, and a 4.39% traffic conversion rate, so almost 5 people out of every houndred you send will buy something.

What’s even more amazing is they ship EVERYWHERE and offer FREE shipping on orders over $40 to most places.

Sounding better every second, right?


I always like to have a few BIG brands that I affiliate with and one of them is Sephora as most the beauty world know exactly who they are.

Whenever you promote big names you’ll see that their commission is low, for example, Sephora is 5% which isn’t great.

So, pick wisely and remember that companies like this are still good due to the high priced products and worldwide shipping.


Macy’s is another world famous brand that has a very good conversion rate.

You get a nice 6% commission on all products sold in Europe, Australia and Canada, but sadly only a 3% commission in the US.

Another downside is their cookie only lasts 10 days, so if the user buy’s something 10 days after clicking your link, you don’t get paid.

Macy’s can still be worth signing up to, just because people know the brand and are happy to pay them large amounts of money without question.


Probably the most famous affiliate program in the beauty industry.

I mean who hasn’t met an Avon representative?

Avon ships worldwide and you’ll gain access to a vast amount of products with up to 8% commission.

That’s why Avon is one of the must have affiliate programs.


Sigma gives a MASSIVE 15% commission on certain products, which is truly epic.

They also deliver and offer support to over 20 countries which helps conversion a great deal.

Best Business Affiliate Programs

Best Business Affiliate Programs

We’ve created and manage over 20 blogs in the business industry and we highly recommend the affiliate programs below:

Long Tail Pro

LongTailPro is an amazing keyword finding tool, it’s one of the best of it’s kind and is really easy to sell (as it’s one of the best).

What’s even better is that you get 30% on all sales and then get 30% for every month they stay signed up.

Basically, if you sign up for 1 year paying monthly you’ll earn: $132 to $529 in commission.

That’s some serious cash and that can quickly scale if you create the correct article.

Studio Press

Create the best WordPress themes on the market.

They’re highly optimized, quick and highly functional.

What’s even better is they offer 35% commission on each sale, that commission increases the more you sell.

With the average Studio Press theme being around $100 you will earn $35 per sale, which is pretty epic.


If you plan to promote themes then ThemeForest is an absolute must.

That doesn’t mean they are a good affiliate program, in-fact I think ThemeForest has one of the dumbest affiliate programs, but due to so many products being on their I have to bit my tounge and just accept their RUBBISH affiliate rules.

Why ThemeForest Affiliate Sucks…

…You get a massive 30% commission, however, you only get 30% of the credits the person ads, so if the person already has credits in the account (usually the case), you earn nothing.

The real reason I don’t like it is that I’ve sent thousands of high converting people their way and have made very little cash, where as after moving to Themify and StudioPress affiliate I see a 80x increase in revenue through the same links, which just doesn’t add up.


We create all our logo’s in house, but back in the day when we had no idea about graphic design we got all our logo’s from LogoNerds and I can honestly say their logo’s are some of the best around and the $27 price tag is unbeatable.

Their affiliate program has a lifetime cookie (so awesome) and they give you 10% commission which if you sell 5 of their basic package every day for a month you’ll earn 1000 bucks, not too shabby at all.


We host a large amount of blogs and websites with WPXHosting, their price is incredible and their service is second to none.

Their affiliate program is also generous with 70$ commission on lowest price hosting, $150 on middle priced hosting and $300 for elite plan hosting.

All you need to do is refer one of these a day and you’ll be making around 3000 dollars a month.

As a side note I’ve affiliated and tested almost every hosting, HostGator is the worse, I personally don’t trust their hosting and have been burned a few times, Bluehost is overrated and their product just isn’t as good as other bloggers make it look and a lot of the others are just not as good of a product as WPXHosting.

The Greatest Fitness Affiliate Programs

best fitness affiliate program

Fitness is a massive industry and is just getting bigger, with fitness Youtubers and bloggers being some of the richest around.

Again, all these industries we work in and create blogs and we’ve had amazing results with all of the below.


The GREATEST supplement company in the world (my opinion), I personally get all my supplements, even my peanut butter from them.

There protien is unreal and I’ve tried all the most popular brands.

Now lets talk money, you get 13% commission on new customers and 8% commission on existing customers and they have a 30 day cookie.

On-top of that they ship all over Europe (I live in Spain and it costs around $7 shipping and takes 5 days), they also ship to the whole world including Asia for around $9, which is totally awesome.

If you live in America and want an American company to promote then BodyBuilding is my go to.

They have one of the best supplement shops only, the reviews are really helpful, there’s loads of advice and their prices are awesome.

They are the only company that beats bulkpowders in my eyes and ontop of that you get 15% commission to new users and 5% to returning which is really amazing.

The only downside is that there are a few states in Ameria that BodyBuilding will not allow to join their affiliate program, due to tax reasons.


TheProteinWorks is another great option, I used to use a lot of their products, but since found that the above shops and affiliate programs are far better.

Plus their protein JUST Won’t MIX PROPERLY.

Their commission is 12% site wide and they have a 30 day cookie, which is pretty decent.

Again another great option for a fitness blog.

How To Make Sure You Get Accepted

You MUST read this simple advice as it’ll save you tons of time and energy.

All these affiliate programs may look awesome, but none of them mean anything if you don’t get accepted and the truth is, most of the best affiliate programs are a little hard to get accepted to, so here’s an exact guide of what you need:

  • A Clean Blog Design

The first thing they see when they go to your blog is going to be your design, if it’s bad, cluncky or old they will likely not accept you.

You need a clean, quick, responsive design and that’s exactly what we create you when you buy a Blogo blog.

  • Have At least 5 Articles Live

You need to have a blog that looks active, one article just isn’t enough.

Most affiliate programs like to see around 10 high-quality articles with at-least 5 that are on the same topic as the products you want to affiliate with.

  • High-Quality Content

Not only do you need 5 articles live, you need to have engaging titles, a low amount of spelling errors (use Grammarly) and awesome product pictures.

This alone is enough to make affiliate programs accept you.

How To 5x Your Affiliate Income

You can MASSIVELY increase your affiliate income with the following three methods:

  • Create A YouTube Channel

You can make thousands of dollars in extra commission starting an affiliate YouTube channel with product reviews.

Seriously Youtube affiliate conversion is SO HIGH and you not only get money off commission you also gain ad revenue.

We actually have created a course that teaches people the secrets to getting millions of YouTube views, it’s what we used to get over 3 million views on the GamesAlike YouTube channel.

Check out this guide that will example our YouTube course in more detail:

  • Awesome Blog

If you have a high-converting blog with great ad design and easy read articles you can increase conversion instantly.

We personally create blogs that are made to make money, so if you want a blog created valued at nearly $3500 for under $600 order our Blog design service.

You also get the YouTube course (worth $100) and the how to make money blogging course (worth over $100).

  • Marketing

Learn how to do YouTube and blog SEO (Both taught in the above courses) and learn how to create a high converting email automation.

The three things alone can make you earn a full passive income online.

That’s it, you hopefully have everything you need to promote amazing products online.

If you need any help send us over a message.

Question: What’s Your Favorite Affiliate Program?

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