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Our service doesn’t just produce you a blog, We manufacture blogging entrepreneurs. Sign up today for this best-selling, exclusive blog creation service at a bargain price. 

What’s A Blog?

A blog is a regularly updated website, typically filled with people’s thoughts, how to’s, guides, reviews, unboxings and just about everything else you could possibly imagine. 

People use blogs to talk about hobbies, promote their businesses, sell other peoples products and even to become famous.



who is blogging for

Who Are Blogs For?

Whether you own a business, want to start a business or even if you just want to express your opinions and thoughts to the world a blog can help you.

If you already own a business you can use a blog as a way to drive traffic to your company and dominate Google, using guides, case studies, and reviews of/for your business.

What If You Don’t Own A Business?

A blog will become a business when built right and you may be surprised to hear that more people than ever before are turning blogs into full-time businesses.

Every day people are giving up their jobs to grow their blogs and create passive income that allows them to live the lives they’ve dreamt of.

Our number one job after creating you an AMAZING blog is to teach you how to achieve the above.

Even though we can’t guarantee it, we have succeeded many times with our own blogs and helped loads of people achieve passive income through blogging.

What You Get With Our Game Changing Blog Creation Service:

Introducing our simplistic, quick and flawless blog features that guarantee your happiness:


What You Get With Our Game Changing Blog Creation Service:

Introducing our simplistic, quick and flawless blog features that guarantee your happiness:


1x Extraordinary Blog

1x Extraordinary Blog

1x Domain   Super Sonic Speed Hosting

1x Domain + Super Sonic Speed Hosting

1x Powerful Logo Design

1x Powerful Logo Design

Secret On-Site SEO Setup

Secret On-Site SEO Setup

Core Pages (Contact, About, Blog, Etc)

Core Pages (Contact, About, Blog, Etc)

Premium Social Media Button Setup

Premium Social Media Button Setup

Proven Mobile Design

Proven Mobile Design

Elite Speed Configuration (Worth $200) - Pro

Elite Speed Configuration (Worth $200) - Pro

SSL (Green Padlock Before URL) Added To Your Blog (Extra Safety   SEO)

SSL (Green Padlock Before URL) Added To Your Blog (Extra Safety + SEO)

My Ultimate Money Making Guide for Blogs

My Ultimate Money Making Guide for Blogs

I Find You 5x Article Keywords For Your Niche (Every Month)

I Find You 5x Article Keywords For Your Niche (Every Month)

Email Opt-In Setup (Optional)

Email Opt-In Setup (Optional)

Audit Your Blog Every Month (Teaching You How To Improve)

Audit Your Blog Every Month (Teaching You How To Improve)

Top-Notch Wordpress Security

Top-Notch Wordpress Security

Why Should You Pick Us?

That’s me on the right. 

I’ve created hundreds of websites and I’ve personally run 10 authority blogs that receive millions of views each year. 

I created as an all-in-one blog creation service where we make you a blog using our exclusive blogging blueprint, then guide you each month on how you can grow and what content you should focus on. 

You have full control, we just use our thousands of hours of case studies, research and skills to help guide you in the best direction, so you don’t make the same mistakes as us. 

This was created to not only save you TONS of time but as a way, you could save money. 

You see we are constantly investing LOADS of money into marketing to find what receives the best results. 

As soon as we know, we update you and you can then focus on the things that work. 






oliver clarke

oliver clarke



Breakdown Of Everything You Get

– Blog: We customize your blog using the greatest Wordpress themes to give you exactly what you want while being exactly what you need.

– Design: We use our graphic designers to create a breathtaking design, that converts into sales.

– Logo: Our designers will also create you a LOGO that will be hard to forget.

– Hosting: We host you on our favorite hosting company WPX Hosting (quickest, safest and most reliable hosting we’ve used).  

– SSL: All the blogs we create come with an SSL, which is a giant safety signal in the eyes of Google and usually costs $60 per year.

– Speed Optimization: We have spent hundreds of hours learning how to optimize the speed of websites, making them as quick as 400ms loading time. This alone usually costs $300. 

– Blog Managment: We give you 5 easy to rank for money making article ideas, per month along with a blog audit where we tell you what to change and how to improve your blog to make more money and increase popularity. 

– Blog Money Making Course: I’ve created a full course that will teach you how to grow and make money with your blog, that gets updated every month. 

Proof Of Blogs

Someone who started a blog with us two months ago and already has 85 thousand views: 


Another Blog that started a few months ago with over 70 thousand views:

blogo case study

Finally, our biggest success a blog that was our first we created and it has had over a million views: 

blogo blog views


Stats of three blogs I’m currently working on:

marketing proof

Site Speed:

Here are some of our recently created blog speeds:

site speed proofquickest blog speed optimization for blogsspeed optimization

What You Get For $150:

– Blog (theme customization using the highest quality themes): $800 (average quotation, without a logo, hosting or domain).

– Logo: $60 – $300.

– Hosting: $24 per month ($288 dollars per year).

– Domain: $11.

– SSL: $66 per year.

– On-Site SEO: The Hoth (Budget SEO service) charges $108 per page, you have to buy two pages minimum, that’s $216).

– Speed Optimization Of Your Blog: $100 – $300 on (if you buy from them what we offer, it’ll cost you $300, plus $30 per month).

– Blog Security: $100 Initial set up, $500 per year using Sucuri.

– Full Blog Audit: $199 per 10 pages.

– Money Making + Marketing Course: $500 (how much I usually charge)

– Article Ideas + Keyword Research: $50 – $99 Per Month.

Value: $3434

With the absolute minimum being: $2,990

With Us, You Get It For: $150 + $24,95 per month.



how much money you save


Here are some of the authority blogs we have created and now manage:

Want more live examples, email us.



Why We Crush At Making Blogs

We have a proven blog blueprint that generates us more than 3 million views every year. We know what works.


3 Million   Views Generated Last Year

3 Million + Views Generated Last Year

Works in hundreds of niches

Works in hundreds of niches

blog mentions

Mentioned On: BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, LifeHackr + More

Over 10 Years Of Blogging Experience

Over 10 Years Of Blogging Experience

We Make A Full-Time Income Using Just Blogs

We Make A Full-Time Income Using Just Blogs

Best-Valued Quality Blog Creation Service Online

Best-Valued Quality Blog Creation Service Online

Unmatched SEO Skills That Can Get You To Page One

Unmatched SEO Skills That Can Get You To Page One


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Once you click “add to cart” you will be taken to Paypal, after payment you will be re-directed to our form so you can give us all of the information we need to get started.


Do I Own The Blog?

Once the blog is complete you own everything.

We just help guide you on the best ways to run your blog, make money and gain traffic. 

Why $24,95 Per Month?

You will receive 5 keywords and ideas per month that will help you drive traffic to your blog, you will also get comments and suggestions from us on your site. 

You will also receive maintenance on your site, this means if you have anything you want to change or if you want an upgrade (within reason). 

You’re getting a membership to Max CDN, which makes your website super quick for visitors in any country and costs another $7 per month. 

Your domain is also paid for every year.

Finally, you get premium hosting from WPX. This alone costs a minimum of $24 per month. 

How Long Will My Blog Take To Make?

Once the payment is complete and your information has been sent over to us, your blog will take anywhere from 3 days to 18 days depending on your needs. 

This time frame can be increased if you would like to make changes. 

How Many Revisions Can I Have?

You’re offered up to three revisions if you are unhappy with your finished blog. 

The blog we first deliver has been designed to be user-friendly and as optimized as possible, unnecessary tweaking can diminish your own results. 

Can I Get A Refund?

We put 20 or more hours into every blog we create, plus all of the years testing our blueprint to ensure maximum results. 

This being said we can’t offer a refund. 

If you’re ever unhappy, please just get in touch and we will do our best to resolve the issue. 

What Does Your $24,95 Monthly Blogging Fee Offer?

Excluding all of the technical stuff we mentioned above, we offer:

  • 5 easy to rank for article ideas, along with keywords that are chosen to help you make money and drive traffic to your blog. 
  • Access to our exclusive ‘How to blog’ course.
  • A monthly review of your site, where we can tell you where you may be potentially going wrong. 

What information do I need to provide you with?

Tell us absolutely everything you want your blog to look like. Don’t feel shy in telling us you want it to look like your favorite blogger’s blog, we won’t ever copy a blog but we will try and rustle up something similar. Go into details, ins, and outs because it helps us to help you.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay The $24,95?

You get the option to host and manage the site yourself, however, you get none of the previously mentioned benefits. Such as management, keywords, site audit, Max CDN, hosting….

If you decide to not pay the monthly fee and you don’t provide us with your hosting option and we can’t get in contact with you, your site WILL be taken offline and within two months will be deleted. 

What Niche Do We Work In

Currently, we work in all niches. If it’s legal we will create it. 

However, if your wanting us to create a website in a grey industry (gambling, adult, etc), please contact us before and understand that we might have to use different hosting options with equal results.

Will I Make Money?

We do everything we can to make money making blogs, using the same blueprint we ourselves use to make money online. 

Using our $50 blog management service, you will receive ideas, keywords, and advice on money-making and improving your blog. 

All of this mentoring will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars and increase your chances dramatically. 

However, we can’t promise you will make money as ultimately it boils down to you. 

Here’s a list of bloggers who post their income reports and teach you how they make money with their blogs: 

Why Are You So Cheap?

If you add up the costs of our service it would amount to the thousands of dollars. Usually, $2500 to be exact.

So how do we keep it so cheap? 

We do all of our work in house, nothing is outsourced. This allows us to create high-quality work in half of the time than it would take a normal web designer, this is usually a more expensive option.

However, we have built relationships with brands and services that allow us to offer you the best price. 

Can I Ask For Your Help?

We are ready to help you with any questions you may have, we have the support you can contact with that respond within one working day. However, please see our BS policy below.

What Is An SSL?

Apart from being a ranking factor on Google, it also keeps you and your users safe from online hackers and people trying to steal information. It’s a little padlock at the beginning of your domain name if you look at the top of this website you will see ours and it looks pretty cool.

What If I Don’t Have A Niche For My Blog?

Just send us a message and we will talk to you and help you out.


We know our service is cheap and in our experience sometimes this can attract ‘demanding’ customers. We haven’t made our service cheap to attract everyone, we have made it cheap to help out people who don’t have thousands of dollars to spend.
In return, all we ask is for you to be patient and understanding.